The GEDB has initiated collaborations with several research groups including medical professionals, psychologists, behavioural economists and food actors, to tackle everything from antibiotic resistance to human health, habitats, and food production. This research is linked to the ambition to support innovation and asset management of landscapes, seas and the biosphere as a whole. This is an emerging research front with many undiscovered connections for health, welfare and sustainable development which we hope will result in new research avenues and understanding of global health.

Research will focus on:

  • Antimicrobials as a global health ‘commons’ in need of stewardship and transformation in we govern their use
  • Critical pathways and food system leverage points to achieve a rapid transition to healthy and sustainable diets for all humans – with a potential equity dimension
  • Biosphere and human health impacts from non-linear global environmental change and how this is connected to food production and consumption. Trying to understand the connectivity and the effects on human health and biosphere health on how we are currently producing and consuming food. What might be the surprising risk areas?