Hannah Griffiths-Berggren

Communications officer

Hannah works as a communications officer for the GEDB programme. She writes and edits various types of texts; provides video, photo, website, and social media support; as well as leads the production of the annual report.

In 2015, Hannah completed SRC’s Masters of Science programme, and now holds a MSc in Sustainability from Stockholm University. Her thesis work, supervised by Åsa Gerger-Swartling and Gregor Vulturius from the Stockholm Environment Institute, explored the role of organisational learning in the adaptation of biodiversity management in the Swedish forest sector.

During and after her studies, she held part-time positions at the SRC, such as a teaching assistant (ex. introduction to sustainability science online course), writer, editor and other supporting roles.

She also works as a communications officer for the SwedBio programme at the Stockholm Resilience Centre.