Tracy Van Holt

PhD, Senior Academy Researcher

The globalization of commodities is changing landscape patterns, fish and wildlife distributions, and the people who depend on them. These changes are occurring at such a fast speed, and over such large areas, that some scientists argue that we are in the Anthropocene. Tracy examines linkages across scales, the human and environment interface, and different components of the biosphere. She links individual perceptions and big data models of behavior to ecological data and satellite observations.

Tracy's new research is co-designed with companies who are trying to transform food systems by harnessing the power within their supply chains to improve sustainability. These actors are actively changing the way sustainability is addressed. This builds upon 20 years of work and research on sustainability that includes fieldwork in developing countries and extensive training in the social sciences, spatial analyses, and ecology as well as research design. Recently she has worked in fisheries, but she has also worked on problems related to landscape change and wildlife.

Selected publications:

  • Landscape influences on fisher success: adaptation strategies in closed and open access fisheries in southern Chile, in Ecology and Society. Read more here
  • Rapid Ethnographic Assessment for Cultural Mapping
  • Influence of landscape change nearshore fisheries in southern Chile, in Global Change Biology. Read more here
  • Trade-offs between carbon storage and floristic biodiversity in reforesting landscape, in Landscape Ecology. Read more here