Moa Olsson

MSc, Research Assistant

Moa joined GEDB  in January of 2020. As a research assistant, she supports projects within Biosphere Finance and Global Health and Biosphere Stewardship.

Moa holds an M.Sc. in social-ecological resilience for sustainable development from Stockholm University. In her thesis, she explored the capacity of Swedish farmers to respond and adapt to drought. The project was developed following the extreme drought in Scandinavia during 2018. She specifically focused on the importance of certain social-ecological assets, adaptive capacity and disaster risk reduction strategies. Since she graduated, Moa has been working as a research assistant at the Stockholm Resilience Centre within projects on the resilience of the global food system. 

Moa holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental science and biology. She has always had a fascination for ecosystem interaction and has deepened her interest and knowledge by exploring social-ecological dynamics and resilience.

Selected publications:

Exploring Social-Ecological Response Capacity to Drought of Swedish Farms