Sasha Quahe

MSc, Research assistant

Sasha holds an MSc in Social-Ecological Resilience for Sustainable Development from the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University. Her dissertation used an interpretive approach to empirically analyse framings of science-based targets, especially those ‘for nature’. She has additional research experience on operationalising Planetary Boundaries, sustainability leadership in Sweden, and EU climate and energy policy.

In addition to the above, Sasha has several years’ experience working in the legal industry on communication and education and helping run various non-profits for local education and international issues. Her academic background is in political science, international relations and economics at the University of Western Australia, including an Honours degree in politics.

Sasha seeks to better understand complex social-ecological systems, with the aim of creating change towards a sustainable future for people and the nature in which we live. Her work within GEDB addresses the interactions between corporate and financial institutions and key Earth system processes, especially climate and biodiversity.