Max Troell

Associate Professor, Senior Academy Researcher

Quick profile description: System Ecologist /Marine Biologist working with a broad range of sustainability and governance issues related to social-ecological systems - with special emphasis on coastal and marine ecosystems. More than 90 publications from research cutting across normal barriers into fields such as environmental management, ecological economics, resource biology, social-ecological modelling, etc. that had an impact on marine conservation policies and aquaculture practices of today. Work involve a transdisciplinary perspective on sustainable use of marine resources – with a strong focus on identification of linkages between ocean fisheries and aquaculture, including how these share and/or compete for different ecosystem goods and services and implication for equity and poverty. Also been a pioneer in contributing to global development of integrated aquaculture techniques.

Main research areas: Work focus on environmental, social Impacts and sustainability of aquaculture, challenges for governance of coastal and marine ecosystems, identification and valuation of ecosystem functions and Services, resilience of social-ecological systems, identification and implication from regime shifts in marine systems, aquacultures role for food security, etc.

Current position and affiliation: Associate Professor, Researcher at The Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Box 50005, 10405 Stockholm and Stockholm Resilience Centre (2008- onward), Stockholm University, 106 91 Stockholm, Sweden

Selected publications: