Who we are

The Global Economic Dynamic and the Biosphere programme (GEDB) is a research programme at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, conducting transdisciplinary research on global change.

At GEDB we strive to perform science for change

through frontier interdisciplinary research in largely unexplored areas. We search for critical connections, causalities and new discoveries and we engage with relevant stakeholders and actors in new forms of collaboration for concrete action.

We have a wide network of collaborators, national and international. Two key local partners are the Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics and Stockholm Resilience Centre. GEDB is funded by the Erling-Persson Foundation.


Our research efforts are focused on two main areas

Discovering and examining links between corporate and financial actors and the biosphere, and these actors’ ability to act to improve practices.

Uncovering some of the critical ways in which human health and wellbeing depend on the living environment, from the individual to the societal scale.

We deliver impact in at least three ways:

  • by publishing scientific findings, often co-produced with various actors and sectors of society, to illuminate pathways for innovation and  change across societal spheres and sectors
  • by creating novel bridges between economy, society, companies and the environment, both in terms of research, industry practice and decision making
  • by further developing and strengthening a new generation of young scholars  with the skills to tackle systemic issues associated with important interdisciplinary challenges 
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GEDB is a highly trans-disciplinary research environment which aims to produce cutting-edge, innovative science, addressing issues critically important to society right now and in the future.

This kind of work provides the opportunity and platform for learning about:

• How to do multidisciplinary research, across disciplines and experience.
• What that means for both formulating research questions to integrating theories and methods from different fields.

If you are interested in PhD, Post-Doc or research assistant positions, you must formally apply through position advertisements on the news section of our website. 

We do not consider applications when we are not hiring.

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