Report launch: Sleeping financial giants?


The report Sleeping Financial Giants? by the GEDB programme, Future Earth and the Stockholm Resilience Centre, will be launched and discussed at the event Global Systemic Risks and Earth System Tipping Points hosted by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) in New York, 24 September, with: 

Christiana Figueres, Convenor, Mission 2020SDSN launch

Johan Rockström, Director, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

Jeffrey Sachs, Director, Sustainable Development Solutions Network

Beatrice Crona, Associate Professor, Stockholm Resilience Centre at Stockholm University and Executive Director, Global Economic Dynamics and the Biosphere

Moderator: Josh Tewksbury, Colorado Global Hub Director, Future Earth

In recent decades, scientists have begun to use the term tipping points to describe large-scale and abrupt shocks to the climate and ecosystems following incremental, relatively small changes. The Sleeping Financial Giants? report is the result of a scientific project which aims to increase awareness among the public and investors alike, about the impact of the investment sector on key tipping points in the Earth System affecting our global climate. These include the Amazon rainforest, boreal forests, monsoons and oceans – some of which are approaching possible tipping points because of commercial activity, exacerbating climate risks.

The report, which will be published at this website after the launch, provides a short state-of-the-art review of the scientific knowledge around tipping points in the Earth system. It elucidates the complex interactions between large global investors and such tipping points to help make informed decisions about the future of our planet.

The session is free of charge and open to the public

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