Consumption – the missing link towards phosphorus sustainability.

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Abstract: Supporting low levels of animal product (meat, dairy, and eggs) consumption and food waste can significantly reduce the impacts of unsustainable phosphorus use. In addition, consuming products grown with good on-farm nutrient management practices, including phosphorus recycling can further reduce impacts. These changes can contribute to achieving multiple United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals related to improving human and environmental health.

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Citation: Metson, G.S., W.J. Brownlie, J.C. Bausch, M. Jonell, K. Matsubae, F. Mnthambala, C. Schill and E. Tilley. 2022. Consumption – the missing link towards phosphorus sustainability.. In: W.J. Brownlie, M.A. Sutton, K.V. Heal, D.S. Reay and B.M. Spears (eds.) Our Phosphorus Future. UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, Edinburgh. Chapter 8