From systemic risks to system opportunities


Abstract: The changing planetary reality and our inability to properly grasp its consequences for people and planet pose immense challenges and risks. Yet, a shift towards a prosperous future for all on a thriving planet is possible. Domino-effects that support opportunities for both people and the planet can be triggered in many ways: changing social norms, supporting economic policies and institutions, the “power of giants”, initiatives to phase out malfunctioning systems and accelerated investor action for biosphere stewardship and equity. 

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Citation: Galaz, V., D. Collste, A.-S. Crépin, B. Crona, G. Daily, C. Folke, T. Lindahl, P. Olsson, M. Ruckelshaus, C. Schill, L. Hård af Segerstad, and T. McPhearson. 2022. From systemic risks to system opportunities. In: Galaz, V. and D. Collste (eds.) Economy and Finance for a Just Future on a Thriving Planet. Report for Stockholm+50. Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics (Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences) and Stockholm Resilience Centre (Stockholm University), Chapter 7.