Report: The Amazon – A Critical Climate Tipping Point


Abstract: Climatic tipping points are critical thresholds that determine how the Earth’s system functions as whole. Once reached, these tipping points cause positive feedback loops which can lead to uncontrollable increases in carbon emissions and global temperatures, while exacerbating physical climate risks, resulting in potentially catastrophic global consequences. This short report highlights a number of potential climate tipping points and how they interact, including changes ocean circulation and the melting of ice sheets, but focuses on deforestation within the Amazon rainforest as a critical tipping point.

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Citation: Dauriach, A., B. Crona, V. Galaz, O. Gaffney and D. Carreira. Principles for Responsible Investment. 2019. Report: The Amazon – A Critical Climate Tipping Point. Report by Principles for Responsible Investment.

Keywords: Finance, Tipping points; Biosphere; Amazon; Climate change