The co-evolving nature of inequality


Abstract: As the world strives to accelerate action towards sustainability, inequality prevents socially sustainable solutions. Inequality is persistent, and it is associated with multiple social and health problems. Inequality is also related to risks in the new planetary reality of a changing climate and biodiversity loss.

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Citation: Collste, D., P. Henriksson, S. Akbik, A.-S. Crépin, C. Folke, L. Lerpold, E. Lindkvist, P. Malmer, G. Ordenes, J. Rocha, C. Schill and M. Schultz. 2022. The co-evolving nature of inequality. In: Galaz, V. and D. Collste (eds.) Economy and Finance for a Just Future on a Thriving Planet. Report for Stockholm+50. Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University, Chapter 3.