Peter Søgaard Jørgensen

Deputy Executive Director, PhD

Peter Søgaard Jørgensen studies the eco-evolutionary dynamics of social-ecological systems in the Anthropocene. At GEDB he leads the research theme on global health and biosphere stewardship and coordinates the AMResilience project and other work on antibiotic resistance. He is also a co-lead of the research theme of Patterns of the Anthropocene at Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University.

A recent focus of his work has been how society can live with antibiotic and pesticide resistance in the context of global sustainable development. As part of this research he has introduced the concept of coevolutionary governance; led work on identifying so-called planetary boundaries for antibiotic and pesticide resistance; introduced the concept of biocide susceptibility as a regulating ecosystem service; and explored what a societal transformation to a pro-microbial planet might look like, where humans enhance the ecosystem services microorganisms provide.

Currently his research focuses on the broader interacting evolutionary dynamics of the biosphere and cultural and technological evolutionary dynamics of human society in the Anthropocene. Particular lenses of this research are transformations in global health, the global food system and other production systems, and global economic dynamics (e.g. consumption as it relates to planetary boundaries).

Peter also has a keen interest in international science-policy and science organization and the role that early career researchers play in these organizations.