Reshaping a Resilient Future in Response to COVID-19

Science today defines resilience as the capacity to live and develop with change and uncertainty, which is well beyond just the ability to ‘bounce back’ to the status quo. It involves the capacity to absorb shocks, avoid tipping points, navigate surprise and keep options alive, and the ability to innovate and transform in the face of crises and traps. Five attributes underlie this capacity: diversity, redundancy, connectivity, inclusivity and equity, and adaptive learning. There is a mismatch between the talk of resilience recovery after COVID-19 and the latest science, which calls for major efforts to align resilience thinking with sustainable development action.

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Citation: Rockström, J., A.V. Norström, N. Matthews, R. Biggs, C. Folke, A. Harikishun, S. Huq, N. Krishnan, L. Warszawski, and D. Nel. 2023. Reshaping a Resilient Future in Response to COVID-19. Nature Sustainability 6:897-907.

Reshaping a Resilient Future in Response to COVID-19

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