Scientists Should Disclose Origin in Marine Gene Patents

Universities are key players in the collection and commercialization of marine genetic resources. In a new article published in Trends in Ecology and University, by GEDB PhD candidate Jean-Baptiste Jouffray with colleagues from the Stockholm Resilience Centre and the University of British Colombia Institute of Oceans and Fisheries argue that the research community can promote systematic disclosure of sample origin in patents, thereby taking a global responsibility for setting new norms of transparency that would influence ongoing policy processes and improve sharing of benefits.

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Keywords: disclosure, genetic sequence data, digital sequence information, commercialization, Nagoya Protocol, BBNJ

Citation: Blasiak R., Jouffray J.B, Wabnitz C.C. and H. Ă–sterblom. 2019. Scientists Should Disclose Origin in Marine Gene Patents. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 35 (5): 392-395 Doi: 10.1016/j.tree.2019.02.004.

Scientists Should Disclose Origin in Marine Gene Patents

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