Financial Dimensions of a key climate system “Wild Card”

Linking financial activities to black carbon emissions

This project showed the influence and agency different financial actors have to affect economic behaviour resulting in the black carbon emission in South Asia.

Black carbon gives rise to what is often referred to as the Atmospheric Brown Cloud (ABC) over South Asia. It is created by a range of airborne particles and pollutants from combustion, biomass burning and various industrial processes.

The black carbon particles have a significant effect on the climate change, as well as on the health of local population and the biosphere. This research linked the economic activities contributing to black carbon emissions to the finance sector through the innovative use of emission inventories, wheat and rice value chain analysis, and corporate ownership. This allowed us to identify a set of both public and private financiers with the power to influence changing practices

This project was a collaboration

This project was a collaboration between Global Economic Dynamics and the Biosphere (GEDB) Programme, Stockholm Resilience Center, and the Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry (ACES) at Stockholm University. It also includes participants from the University of Saint Andrews (banking and finance).

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