Amanda Jonsson

MSc, Research assistant

At GEDB Amanda is working within the Mistra Food Futures project which aims to increase our understanding of the new risk landscape of the Swedish food system, and through dialogues with food system stakeholders help guide how they can change operations to enhance resilience in the face of increasing risk. In affiliation with the Stockholm Resilience Centre, she also works in different projects aiming to understand food system transformations towards resilience and sustainability mainly focusing on the role of gastronomy and food crisis interactions.

Amanda holds an MSc in Sustainable Development from Uppsala University. The focus of her thesis was on sensory aspects of ancient cereals and terroir in Sweden and how they can play part in a sustainable food production. She conducted her BSc in Meal Ecology at Örebro University and the School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts, and Meal Science.

She has previously worked in food retail and restaurants and as a research assistant in sensory science. Through her consultancy firm also with among others the Food Planet Prize, Albaeco, and The Taste Lab in projects relating to sensory consumer science, food system transformations, and sustainability.

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