Here you can choose if you want a image or video in the background. If you leave it empty it will show this color in the background instead. You can also add text to "text inside circle" if you want the animated circle to appear on the right.

Add text to show this circle


On this page i will go through every element/sections thats available when you create a new page.

"Flex sections" is a flexible way of create new pages. Inside the flex sections you can deicide wich elements you want to use and also change the order by moving each section up/down. Down below i go through each and every section.

Small text above title

Textbox and showcases

On the left side of the page, there is a text box where you can put information. On the right side, you have the ability to add showcases, which include a title, description, image, and a link. This feature allows you to highlight specific items or information and make them more visible to your audience. Whether you're showcasing products, services, or information, this feature provides a visually appealing way to present your content.

Button link

Textbox and media

This section is composed of two parts: a picture and a textbox, placed side by side.  The textbox is where you can input text, such as a description. You can choose either if you want a image or video. Also here you can type maximum 550 characters. Otherwise the textcontent would be to long.

You can choose the color of the textbox in the dropdown in Easyweb. And of course add a link aswell. (optional)


Textbox and media side by side with the possibility to add further information down below.
(You can always change background-color in Easyweb)

This section is divided into two parts: a textbox and media, which are placed side by side. The media could be an image, video. The textbox is where you can input text, such as a description or explanation related to the media. This format allows you to present information in a more engaging way, combining both visual and written elements.

Possible to add a introduction

There is also the possibility to add further information down below. This could be additional text, media, or any other relevant content that expands on the information presented in the main section. This feature allows you to provide more in-depth information for those who want to learn more, without cluttering the main section. This format is commonly used in websites, social media posts, and marketing materials to present information in an organized and visually appealing way.


This type of container is typically used to highlight important information, such as a headline or a call-to-action, where you wants the viewer to focus on.  Also possible to add a link and change the background color in Easyweb. 

Optional link


SECTION Optinal link

Project showcases

Sleeping Financial Giants
Earth System Finance

Sleeping Financial Giants

This research project,  conducted under the initial years of GEDB,  laid the foundations of much of the work on the Earth system and sustainable finance that we conduct today. The project deployed value chain analysis and trade data to identify financial institutions who, based on current ownership patterns, are linked to tipping elements in the Earth system. Therefore, they play a particularly important role for steering away from irreversible large-scale environmental change and escalated global warming. 

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Project showcases

Sleeping Financial Giants
Earth System Finance

Earth System Finance

Insights from the Earth system sciences over the last few decades show clearly that changes in the planet’s climate system can unfold in rapid and irreversible ways, threatening to undermine economic and financial stability, and therefore global objectives for sustainable development. 

Scientists have highlighted the existence of specific regions and biophysical processes of exceptional importance for the stability of the climate system – often referred to in the academic literature as “tipping elements” in the Earth system.

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