Dialogue on International Day of Forests


Today is the International Day of Forests and GEDB Executive Director, Beatrice Crona, will be speaking at the event 'Stepping up Swedish Action on Tripical Defoorestation' to help identify the entry points Swedish actors can use to help reduce tropical deforestation.

The seminar will look at the main global drivers behind tropical deforestation and review mitigation measures that can be implemented at different levels by a range of actors. In addition, current developments in Brazil and Indonesia will be highlighted to link actions and policy developments with local realities. For countries like Brazil and Indonesia, where poverty rates are high, agricultural expansion to satisfy local, regional and global markets is seen as a way to develop national economies and improve local socio-economic conditions. Finding feasible sustainable development pathways, to halt deforestation while ensuring economic and social sustainability, is thus crucial.

Beatrice will be discussing 'The role of the finance sector – lessons from dialogues with financial giants' along with GEDB PhD candidate Alice Dauriach.

The event is organized by Focali, SIANI and GMV and is part of a dialogue series on global tropical deforestation initiated by Focali and partners in December 2018 with the first event “Dialogue meeting on the future of the Brazilian Amazon”.