SERE seminar: Temperature and Human Performance

With Xiaojia Bao, Xiamen University, China. 20 April.


Temperature and Human Performance: Evidence from Online Game Behavior in China
With Xiaojia Bao, Xiamen University, China.

Date: 20 April, 2016

Time: 14.00-15.00

Venue: Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Linné Hall, Lilla FrescativĂ€gen 4A, Stockholm

In this talk Dr. Bao show estimates of outdoor temperature impacts on indoor leisure activities in China, focusing on both leisure time and leisure performance. Using a unique game-logging dataset on all gamers for a popular video game in China, she identifies the impacts of outdoor temperature on online gaming behavior from cross-player and cross-time variations. The findings show that a decrease in outdoor temperature below 10 Celsius degrees leads to longer game playing and lower game performance. They also support that expanding heating provision coverage would improve labor productivity in China. The study also provide implications on adaptive policies to reduce short-run impacts of temperature changes.

Xiaojia Bao is an assistant professor at Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics and School of Economics in Xiamen University, China. Her research focuses on environmental economics and the Chinese economy. Current on-going research projects include health impacts of air pollution, public finance and natural disaster in China. Xiaojia received her PhD in sustainable development from Columbia University in 2013 and MA in environmental economics from Renmin University of China in 2008.

After the seminar there will be coffee and mingle


Chandra Kiran, the Beijer Institute, Seminar series organiser

Agneta Sundin, the Beijer Institute, Communication officer

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