As part of the programme's work in Biosphere Finance, ongoing engagements with Temasek Holdings, one of Asia's largest investment companies, has resulted in an invitation for GEDB Executive Director Beatrice Crona, and Director, Carl Folke, to represent the programme in Temasek Holdings' science advisory board.

In an upcoming event in Singapore hosted by Temasek, Ecosperity Conversations "Towards a Clean Earth: From Oceans to Cities," Beatrice Crona, will introduce the notion of ‘tipping elements’ in the Earth system and provide a short, state-of-the-art review of the scientific knowledge surrounding this rapidly evolving field of enquiry. She will show why the lack of consideration of such Earth system tipping points constitute a real and significant risk, and why debates and action strategies to address climate change would benefit from incorporating these insights from scientists who study our planet as a complex system.

As part of the programme, participants will get to go on an exclusive tour of the Ecosperity Showcase, where some of the most innovative technologies in energy, circular economy and food will be on display. 

Attendance to Ecosperity Conversations is by invitation. For more information on this special edition of the Ecosperity Conversations, please contact them directly here.

This special edition of the Ecosperity Conversations is part of the line-up of events during Ecosperity Week in June 2019.