Beatrice Crona, Victor Galaz, Örjan Gustafsson and August Andersson, researchers based at the Global Economic Dynamics and the Biosphere at the Royal Swedish Academy of Science, the Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Bolin Centre’s Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry (ACES) at Stockholm University respectively, received funding for a project called, ‘Financial Dimensions of a key climate system “Wild Card”: The Atmospheric Brown Cloud over South Asia’.

The project will address a climate ‘wild card,’ meaning an earth system phenomenon that can trigger abrupt changes in the climate. Specifically, they will look at the climate-affecting Atmospheric Brown Clouds (ABC) over S Asia.

“Building on decade-long investigations of the air pollution-climate change nexus across South Asia, we will couple state-of-the-art models of emission sources with a novel methodology to identify key financial mechanisms and actors underpinning activities driving the ABC,” they explain.

This will form the basis for a dialogue with key stakeholders, including the Indian Institute of Science, in the financial sector and policy on how financial flows can be redirected to shift away from contributing to climate risks, to enhancing climate stability.