SIGHT (Swedish Institute for Global Health Transformation) has elected eight researchers as SIGHT Fellows for its new global health leadership program. On of them is Beatrice Crona, executive director of GEDB. Through the new Fellows program, SIGHT aims to actively support the development of cross-sectoral leaders to help achieve the UN Global Sustainability Goals (SDGs), in accordance with Agenda 2030.

The realisation of the SDGs require leadership with the ability to gather research and experience from different disciplines and sectors, both nationally and globally. The Swedish Institute for Global Health Transformation, SIGHT, was launched in January 2017 with a donation from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and it is based at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Developing and strengthening leadership rooted in solid research and with experience of interdisciplinary cooperation is one of the purposes of the new institute. The leadership program for SIGHT Fellows is an important tool for this. The eight researchers, who are in different stages of their career and research, have now been admitted to the program.

"The leadership program for SIGHT Fellows is a cornerstone of our global health work and I am very pleased to have competent and driven researchers in the program," says Professor Peter Friberg, SIGHT Director.

"I am convinced that the first eight participants have the potential to take leading roles in furthering global health in the future. We believe that the leadership program will strengthen these ambitious people in their work and also supporting Sweden's stated ambition to achieve the SDGs, where focus on global health is a crucial factor for both sustainability and greater equality,"continues Peter Friberg.

The program is designed based on each individual's needs and long-term goals. The program includes mentoring by leading global health experts, study visits, lectures, participation in SIGHT's many activities and networks as well as contributions to individual development. Sight Fellows first cohort runs in 2017-2018.

"Our Sight Fellows represent different disciplines, which reflect how many different fields of research and research questions global health work requires," Peter Friberg concludes.