GEDB research featured in photo calendar.


The above photo (cropped) by GEDB researcher Eny Buchary entitled "Catching the one that got away... nothing is wasted” was one of 53 photos selected and published as ‘Fascination Science 2016 Calendar’ by the German Young Academy. The calendar entry was a follow up to her succesful participation in the international and interdisciplinary photo competition, "Visions of Images and Fascinations: Sciences and Humanities Visualized”, organized by The European Young Academies ( The calendar photos provide an insight into the participant's respective research and into what fascinates them as researchers.  Eny's photo entry depicted her research on the traditional, tropical sardine fishery in the Bali Strait, Indonesia. 

This is her text published together with the photo:

"The Bali sardinella (Sardinella lemuru) fishery is very efficient in making use of caught and landed fish. The gilled fish that used to be thrown out during the cleaning of the nets are now collected to be dried and sold locally. The fish oil waste flushed by fish plants and canneries is strained and processed into industrial-grade grease. Studying small-scale fisheries can be quite disheartening, given the poverty traps. However, it is the humanness that fascinates me and gives me hope that there are always solutions for every form of adversity.”

The calendar can be previewed and purchased following this link