Seminar video: The Global Ocean and the Future of Humanity


“We need the oceans more than the oceans need us.” This was a message from Economics Professor Rashid Sumaila, at a half day seminar at the Academy highlighting threats and opportunities for the future of the global oceans. The speakers explored pathways to ensure that the ocean can continue to provide for humanity, while also protecting its intrinsic values and the structure and function of ecosystems. Furthermore, how protection and use of the ocean can provide benefits from these global commons, in a fair way, to citizens of all nations.

Professor Rashid Sumaila is one of the world’s most innovative researchers on the future of the oceans, integrating the social and economic dimensions with ecology, law, fisheries science and traditional knowledge to build novel pathways towards sustainable fisheries. His work has challenged today’s approaches to marine governance and generated exciting new ways of thinking about our relationship to the marine biosphere, such as protecting the high seas as a ‘fish bank’ for the world and using ‘intergeneration discount rates’ for natural resource projects.

Video part one:

"Fair sharing of the global ocean: climate change, subsidies, and large-scale protection", Professor Rashid Sumaila, Institute for the ocean and fisheries, University of British Columbia.

"International cooperation and leadership for a fair and sustainable ocean", Maria van Berlekom, Lead Policy Specialist, Environment and Climate Change, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Sida.

"Complex supply chains, novel financial mechanisms and sustainable seafood"Associate Professor Beatrice Crona, Global Economic Dynamics and the Biosphere Program, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Music by Perro del Mar

Video part two:

"Global Development on an intertwined planet"Professor Carl Folke, Stockholm Resiience Centre and the Beijer Institute for Ecological Economics 

Panel Discussion moderated by Associate professor Henrik Österblom, Stockholm Resilience Centre.

Music by Perro del Mar