Transforming Society’s Food Choices

GEDB's and Stockholm Resilience Center's contribution to One Earth's Voices journal


Beatrice Crona, GEDB Executive Director , and Malin Jonell , Stockholm Resilience Center Postdoctoral Researcher , provided a critical insight on the topic of sustainable blue food systems in the November 2019 issue of One Earth's Voices  journal. "Transforming Society’s Food Choices" article outlines ideas and thoughts that explain how can modern societies encourage a transformative shift in their food choices, and where do the challenges and responsibilities lie. 

Beatrice and Malin explain that the current global levels of terrestrial meat consumption are not sustainable and sometimes not entirely healthy.  Furthermore, they argue that blue foods (i.e., aquatic foods, including seafood, algae, and bacteria) play crucial role in the transition toward something more sustainable when compared to the present state of affairs. However, blue foods span an enormous variety of nutritional qualities and environmental footprints. This means that it all depends on the approach of how to utilize the potential of the blue foods. 

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