Opportunities with GEDB

The Global Economic Dynamics and the Biosphere programme is a truly trans-disciplinary research environment which aims to produce cutting-edge, innovative science which pushes the frontiers of what is conceived in conventional fields with scientific rigor. The research that we do aims to be topical and relevant to what is important to society right now.

We are fortunate to be connected with two prominent hubs that have a legacy of conducting trans-disciplinary research, Stockholm Resilience Centre and Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics. Through these close connections we are well networked with scientists in multiple fields who work with sustainability related issues. This means that as in our work-place you will have the opportunity be exposed to top-level scientists in these networks.

This kind of work provides the opportunity and platform for learning on:

• How to do multidisciplinary research, across multi disciplines and experience.

• What that means for both formulating research questions to integrating theories and methods from different fields.

If you are interested in PhD, Post-Doc or research assistant positions, you must formally apply through position advertisements on the news section of our website.

We do not consider applications that are sent when we are not hiring.

If you are interested in research collaborations or if you have questions about our research, you can contact the researchers directly. You will find their contact details on our staff page.